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Are you a possible beneficiary to an estate?
Have you been contacted by an Heir Hunter?
Do you want to trace a lost relative or friend?
Adopted & want to trace birth parents?
Do you want clarification on Bona Vacantia estates?
Are you looking for an answer to a mystery in your family?
Do you want to trace family wills?
Welcome to
TSprobate Research
Now based in Orkney, but previously of County Durham, TSprobate Research operates throughout the U.K, concentrating in the North-East of England & Scotland. Our investigations, however, have often taken us worldwide.
We are a small firm of genealogists who specialise in finding heirs to estates that may otherwise go unsolved, not only solving mysteries in family history, such as origins of ancestors, but also tracking down wills, tracing birth families of adoptees & finding missing people.
We are happy to handle the process from start to finish, on behalf of the beneficiary. Smaller estates (deemed by the treasury to be less than £15000) will generally be administered by ourselves, whilst in larger estates we use set fee, low cost solicitors who are paid on completion, before distribution. For estates with assets such as property etc. our solicitors handle all the necessary arrangements with no upfront fees-all costs are paid on completion from the estate. This means you have a set price for solicitor's costs from the outset of administration, with nothing more to pay whatever arises.
Our main work is tracking down beneficiaries to unclaimed Bona Vacantia estates-claiming assets for next-of-kin, which would otherwise go to the Treasury. We work on a flat-rate commission of 20% of any inheritance received by the beneficiaries we represent, bearing all costs involved in documenting & putting forward a claim to the Treasury.
Once a claim has been accepted by the Crown, the responsibility for distributing the assets of an estate (under Rules of Intestacy) will be transferred to the client's appointee- solicitor, family member, heir hunter or otherwise. Any necessary expenses for this will be deducted from the inheritance, prior to distribution.
We offer a cost effective service for this (as set out in paragraph 3).
We only ever receive our commission from the net amount of inheritance, after all other necessary fees have been paid. It is therefore in our interest to keep all necessary expenditure as low as possible.
Our beneficiaries can expect to receive a professional sevice with help-
 every step of the way.
TSprobate Research is happy to provide services to Solicitors as well as members of the public 
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