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About TSprobate Research:Probate Researchers & Genealogists
TSprobate Research  find missing heirs and helps to distribute the assets of a deceased individual to their rightful next-of-kin.
When a person dies intestate i.e. they don't leave a will, blood relatives under Intestacy Rules are entitled to inherit. Where no blood relatives are known, these estates are passed to the Treasury. The Treasury hold onto the funds for up to thirty years after death & advertise details of the estate, in an attempt to make blood relatives aware of the situation.  Any blood relatives must prove their entitlement through substantiating evidence of their blood link to the deceased. If no blood relatives come forward, the funds devolve to the Crown.
We work on the information the Treasury advertise; building up a family tree; contacting entitled beneficiaries & offering to submit a claim on their behalf, bearing all claim costs as part of our commission. This is on a totally no win no fee basis. If for any reason you do not receive any inheritance, then we receive nothing & our costs are written off. There is no eventuality where any beneficiary would have anything personally to pay.
Our work ensures that rightful heirs are traced & receive their rightful inheritance on a 'no win no fee basis'. Hence, please be assured that if we have contacted you, we will have undertaken many hours of painstaking research to link you to the deceased and are confident that we can put forward a successful claim on your behalf.
TSprobate Research is a member of FPAR (The Federation of Probate & Asset Researchers) & abides by all it's guidelines.
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