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What is bona vacantia? *
Bona vacantia literally translates as "ownerless goods".
What are "ownerless goods"? *
In respect of the part of our work dealing with deceased persons this means the assets in the estates of people who have died without leaving a will or entitled blood relatives.
Who is entitled to share in the intestate's estate? *
The deceased's spouse, civil partner, children of the deceased or blood relatives who descended from a grandparent of the deceased. A family tree can be viewed showing entitled relatives (shown in bold) and non entitled relatives Example Family Tree
Is there a time limit for making a claim? *
In most cases the claim will become statute barred 12 years after the date that the administration of the estate is substantially completed. The Treasury Solicitor operates a discretionary policy whereby claims may be admitted up to 30 years from the date of death.
I have several cousins and believe I am entitled to an estate; do I have to share it with them? *
Yes, although the Treasury Solicitor ceases to act once an entitled person is identified, the estate has to be shared out under the intestacy rules, no matter who is appointed administrator. Section 46 of the Administration of Estates Act 1925 sets out how an estate should be divided.
Are relatives by marriage regarded as kin?
No, other than the deceased’s spouse.
How do you search for kin?
We search for blood relatives using public records-birth (marriage,divorce,death) as well as current and archived electoral rolls.
Will the Solicitors fee be high and consume a large part of the inheritance?
Should you choose to appoint your own solicitor we can advise on ways of managing their fees; however we use set-fee cost-effective solicitors to handle your case, who are paid on completion of the administration from the estate. Their services are needed to get the Grant of Probate but smaller estates(deemed by the treasury to be under £15000) can generally be completed by ourselves, without the need for a solicitor.
Somebody else has contacted me saying that I may be a possible Heir and asked for their contract to be signed.
Many firms operate in this area, with varying levels of commission charged (up to 40%). We can offer lower commission rates as we are a smaller firm with lower overheads but with all the expertise needed to secure a successful claim. Please be assured that our service will be second to none.
What happens to personal possessions of the deceased?
The personal possessions of the deceased are liquidated to enable a legal distribution from the estate.
Can you give me the names and addresses of others of my family?
Under the Data Protection Act 1998 it is a legal requirement for persons and companies not to divulge any personal details. However, we are more than happy to forward letters from one member of the family to another, provided both family members are agreeable. 
How long will the process take?
The time limit for each case is different depending on the circumstances of the deceased. The actual kin-claim should be accepted within two months, but the entire process usually takes between 4 and 18months, dependant on the number of beneficiaries involved, as well as various other factors.
Can I have a family tree once you have finished your work?
We will make available an out-line family tree to the heirs on request and subsequent trees can be purchased once the work is completed.
Will I have any costs that I will need to pay for?
There are no costs to yourselves whatsoever. The initial costs of submitting the claim to the treasury are bourne by ourselves and any subsequent administration costs involved in these type of probate cases are covered by the estate.
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